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Ok. Medication is never right.

No kitchen work, though I did get Jason to help with some minor yet majorly annoying things I just didn't have a drill to use and fix myself!

My Thyroid medication is obviously not working because I've been swapping between hypo and hyper for the last several months. So in lieu of spending $ on the kitchen, I started a different brand of medication my doctor prescribed (more expensive) and went back to have my lab results visit. Which I think is stupid but oh well.

The good news is I am feeling less crappy. The bad news is I am still losing energy at night so things aren't getting done like they could/should be. I hate the roller coaster because it seems I never get off. But, this too shall pass.

So, in two weeks it's back-to-school! Yayness. I looked up classes but nothing low-level I found yet being offered that spoke to me. So I will just keep looking. And think about where I want to move. Because I hate Florida. Have for a long time. Now I have just about zero reason to stay!

So much for writing a lot!

Geez, has it been almost a month? I guess I have a lot of things 'in progress' but not much to actually report. My friend came over last night to help me figure out how to re-do my kitchen without gutting it. Which would be awesome but totally out of my current budget. That will take place next weekend. I have yet to figure out what kind of classes I want to take or if I need to go back to school. I am digging on the idea of gardening next year with the intention of eventually having extra for my neighborhood. Maybe I don't make $$ doing that but it could transition into something else. It's all about what energizes me when I get up. What makes me say 'yeah. THAT'S what I want to make happen!'


Group fun!

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. And now that I am playing with a group of people I know, rather than some 'strangers' who are cool, but still strangers - it's even better!

Nope. You are never too old. Never. Now I just have to either print out or buy an edition of "Cards Against Humanity". Because I am clearly about 20 years behind. ;-)



I finally got to ride our new Sunrail train that connects Orange, Seminole (me) and a bit of Volusia county. It only runs M-F so of course, I was never off work to ride it for free when they first started!

We went to the last stop in Seminole and it's in the middle of nowhere. By that I mean right by a major intersection - of roads and a few business complexes. So we probably walked 1 mile to find food (7-11 lol) and 1 mi back to the station to go home. It was an adventure to be sure! The kids were hot but they amused themselves. (we took a friend of my daughter's) I was proud of them.

Now today, I am so sore. Oh geez, you would think I don't do that sort of thing much. :D I've managed to actually do laundry, dishes, re-pot new plants and hit 3 stores this morning including grocery shopping.

I am so glad she's going with dad tomorrow for at least 3/4 of the day. Because I may not be able to move.

Oh, those fandom *FEELS*

I downloaded all of Stargate:Atlantis and I am remembering why John/Rodney is my ultimate OTP. Any fandom, doesn't matter. No pairing, except *maybe* QAF, effected me the way they do. Except I don't really have the urge to re-watch QAF and I could watch Atlantis all day long. :)

So yes, I disappeared. Sorry. A stand-alone media player and external hard drive are on my "want"(need) list!

Slowly Recovering Media

With the server went all the media we had downloaded - movies, TV shows, etc. The way he had it set up was ridiculously complicated (to me anyway) so I didn't really miss it. I had no idea how to get more, just watch what I had!

So now I am back online downloading movies I watch for noise. Because I can. Fight the power. LOL Well, for Thor and the other Marvel movies, I am waiting to see if they are going to offer any bundles in the future like LOTR did. Why own them all, then just want to buy them again?! Silliness.

So my Sunday will be cleaning and watching The Matrix Trilogy. Because I can.

Getting over lost words

Part of the reason I haven't been writing is in the divorce I obviously stopped working with Scott. Considering the office was the den of sin he'd been conducting the affair in, it's not like I wanted to be there anyway after I found out!
Trouble is - I *lived* in that place. And I did start saving some things so I could work on them at other times, but mostly my fiction I was working on either exists on the server in the office, or existed on the server that broke here.

The man didn't bother to come take any of his stuff out of the house except the clothes he took when he left! Do you really think he's chomping at the bit to fix the server or do any one of a million other things?! Please.

So, some stories I have are just probably gone. I have learned my lesson and everything I do now is just done right on Google Drive. But, how do you get over wanting to complete stories when you don't have what you already wrote?! You know it will never be the same if you go back and re-write it.

Bah. I guess it says a lot about our relationship if the things I miss the most out of our breakup are my WIP's and my 3ish Gigs of MP3's.

Carb cravings make me a crazy person!

I had a doctor appointment this past Monday morning and all is fairly good. Last week when I had to go get my blood work, I realized that I'd really been feeling crappy and I felt bloated, etc. almost all the time. Sure sign I was not eating properly! I had gotten into a lazy routine with all this de-cluttering and frequented some fast food chains way more often than I should. :(

So, I figured now was as good a time as any to at least make certain changes to what food choices I made. I've been doing very well since I must say, but these past few days I must be going through the yeast die-off phase! I have a low-grade headache and I am ready to fight somebody over the slightest thing! I forget about things like this and I shouldn't. It's a good reason not to slip back into bad habits. :)

As for what I'm doing, nothing special. Just eating like I should - as close to natural as I can get meaning no processed foods if possible. Tonight is an exception at dinner but I don't get paid until Friday so I must eat what is available in the fridge! It's still better than fast food, believe me. I also have gone to only allowing myself 1 can of soda, every other day. I was getting a Big Gulp every morning at 7-11 because they are .74 cents with tax here. But I just had to have that hard conversation with myself and say 'self - that means you're willing to sell-out your health for only .74 cents. That's shameful'.

Yep. It's hard being an adult. :)

Back to Normal

All this moving of furniture and opening up space has done something for me I couldn't be happier about! Reset my biorhythm back to what it should be. What I'm used to. Early! :)

Yes, I am one of those people you'd like to smack, I think I've said it before. I get up at sunrise practically and start my day without caffeine. I drink my tea (caffeinated or not) on the front porch, check out my plants and weed/water if necessary and just generally enjoy some quiet time. Then I come in and do some things that others probably do before bed, and I may get there, but often after work I am tired or need to spend time with kiddo since we have so little, now.

It's nice not to feel rushed. And not to feel like I jump out of bed in the morning and go-go-go. Especially since I'm not thrilled to tears about where I go! Being reminded of what I can accomplish and knowing I am working for something other than just $$ is really helpful.

Another Day, another couple bucks

Happy Monday! I start this week off with a doctor's appointment 45 minutes or so from now. Been trying to really get a better handle on my health and being able to loose this stress-weight I gained in the last several years. I turned 40 in April (thanks for the B-day wishes I got a bit late!) and when your body changes it just takes time to figure it out! With the thyroid disease I have found a wealth of information and I am going to see another practitioner besides my regular doctor. Right now I have been spending most of my time on the de-cluttering, etc. but making better choices isn't terribly hard even when busy. And the exercise I am sure isn't hurting, overall. In the short-term yes! lol My lower back and knee hate me.

I get paid bi-monthly in this job (in addition to no sick time and a forced week of un-paid vacation) so this next round of days is exactly 10 for the next paycheck. No time off for me! I am chomping at the bit to take a vacation day, but I am waiting to take the Friday of my kitchen remodel. Sad that I have to be practical in my days off! But, the more vacation time I save for that week off, the less $$ I loose, overall.

Yes. After my environment is clear and I get a handle on food/health I will be looking for another job. I can hardly stand to sit for 8 hours *now* - I can imagine how horrible it's going to be when I feel *better*!!!


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